simplified-recipes-1M Dataset

This recipe-ingredient dataset contains about 1,000,000 carefully cleaned and preprocessed recipes. The underlying data comes from five different base datasets (see sources below) which were merged in order to create a more complete recipe collection. The main contribution here is that all recipes have been meticulously cleaned and standardized (see preprocessing section). Continue reading 6'

mars32k Dataset

This dataset consists of about 32,000 color images collected by the Curiosity rover on Mars between August 2012 and November 2018. The images show various geographical and geological features of Mars such as mountains and valleys, craters, dunes and rocky terrain. Continue reading 7'

mnist_captcha Dataset

This dataset consists of about 270,000 MNIST-like captcha images. Each 84x30px image consists of 5 alphanumeric characters. I found the dataset useful for testing the UberAI Labs CoordConv method[1]. Continue reading 1'