Deep Reinforcement Learning (2020)

(in progress) Lecture notes for the Udacity Nanodegree on Deep Reinforcement Learning. Show

Approximation Algorithms (2020)

(in progress) Lecture notes for the ENS course "Approximation Algorithms". Show

Algorithms II (2020)

My lecture notes for the Princeton University coursera course "Algorithms II". Show

Game Theory (2020)

(in progress) Lecture notes for the Stanford coursera course on Game Theory. Show

Discrete Optimization (2020)

Lecture notes for Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck's course on Discrete Optimization. Show

Analysis 1 (2020)

Lecture notes (in German) for the Analysis 1 course at the Vienna University of Technology. Show

Information Theory (2020)

Lecture notes for Prof. Raymond W. Yeung's course on information theory. Show

Category Theory (2019)

Lecture notes for Bartosz Milewski's excellent course on Category Theory. Show

Computational Numerical Linear Algebra (2019)

(in progress) Lecture notes and assignments for the USFCA course on Linear Algebra. Github

Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (2019)

Lecture notes and some assignments for the CS231 Stanford course. Show Github

Google Deep Learning Course (2018)

Assignments for the 2018 Google Deep Learning Course on Udacity. Github
Machine Learning

NMF, SVD, TF-IDF and co-occurrence matrices (2019)

Non-negative matrix factorization, singular value decomposition, TF-IDF and co-occurrence matrices Show Github

(in development) ArtGAN (2019)

Generating art with a progressively upscaling gradient penalty Wasserstein-GAN Github

Team Tumbleweed Nvidia Jetson Nano Clustering (2019)


NYU Depth V2 Segmentation (2019)


Fashion MNIST GAN (2018)

Generative Art

Vector Field Traces v2 LR (2018)

Open live demo Show Github

Outlined Brush Strokes (2018)

Show Github

Parametrized Curves & Areas (2017)

Show Github

Voronoi Diagrams in metric spaces (2017)

Open live demo Github

Voxel Terrain Sweep (2016)

Open live demo Github

Canvas Patterns (2016)

Open live demo Github

f(x, y) Function Voxelplot (2016)

Open live demo Github

Weakly Typical Set (2020)

Empirical demo of some inequalitites related to weakly typical sets in information theory. Github

Raytracing Experiments (2020)


A very simple filesystem for up to 65kB EEP-ROM chips (2019)


A second semester university programming project (2019)


Laser Data Transmission (2018)


This website 😎 (2019)


Tiny Color Gradient Tool (2018)

Open live demo Github

Vector field plotter (2017)

Open live demo Github

Project Name Finder (2016)

Open live demo Github

Time Tracking Tool (2016)

Open live demo Github